Vidar J. Jorgensen, a member of the Glycosyn Board of Directors, graduated from Harvard College in 1969 with honors in political science. Mr. Jorgensen is the majority owner of six industry based conference and research companies, which in turn own and manage over 200 conferences and several membership-based research groups focused on biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, health care, insurance, financial services, entertainment, and infrastructure development.

Mr. Jorgensen’s companies include CBI Research, Inc., WRG Research, Inc., Cambridge Healthtech Institute, Cambridge Healthtech Advisory and The World Health Care Congress, which was launched in conjunction with The Wall Street Journal and CNBC. This latter partnership will be expanding in both Europe and the United States. Jorgensen is also the President and member of the Board of Directors of Grameen America, a microfinance organization started in 2007 in Jackson Heights, NY. In addition to Grameen America, Jorgensen is a supporter of Grameen projects worldwide.