Dr. Guillermo M. Ruiz-Palacios, MD (National University of Mexico; Residency in Internal Medicine, National Institute of Nutrition, Mexico City; Fellowship in Infectious Disease, University of Texas Medical School–Houston) is Professor of Internal Medicine and Chair of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition in Mexico City. His department has more than 100 faculty, staff, and trainees.

Dr. Ruiz-Palacios serves on the Scientific Advisory Committee of Glycosyn LLC He is recognized internationally for his research on infectious diarrhea and strategies for prevention and treatment and as such has been a member of a number of steering committees and working groups of the World Health Organization. He has more than 100 publications on infectious disease, has served as the President of the Infectious Disease Society of Mexico. Dr. Ruiz-Palacios is a Fellow of the Infectious Diseases Society of America and member of the American Society of Microbiology, the New York Academy of Sciences, and the Campylobacter Society.

His research is funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the government of Mexico, and private industry.