Scientific Advisory Board Chairman

Dr. David S. Newburg is one of the founding members of Glycosyn and the chairman of Glycosyn Scientific Advisory Board.

He was awarded a BS in Chemistry by the University of Massachusetts (Amherst), and a PhD in Biochemistry with minors in Nutrition and neuroscience from Boston University. He previously served for over two decades on the faculty of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where he directed the Program in Glycobiology. Dr. Newburg directed Boston College’s Program in Glycobiology. The National Institutes of Health, Industry and Research Foundations have supported the research program directed by Dr. Newburg continuously since 1976.

Dr. Newburg edited the book, Bioactive Components of Human Mile and is the author of more than 120 publications on carbohydrate biochemistry, glycan analysis, bioactive constituents of human milk, nutrition, human intestinal microbiota, and human milk components that protect infants and modulate the innate immunity system. He is active in scientific professional societies of chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology, glycobiology, pediatrics, clinical nutrition, human milk and lactation, microbiology, nutritional sciences, and mucosal immunology, and has organized scientific meetings and symposia.

He has been president of the Boston Glycobiology Discussion Group since it was founded in 1994, and is a founding board member and chair of the Research Advisory Board of the Mother’s Milk Bank of New England, and active in the Human Milk Banking Association of North America. Dr. Newburg serves as a reviewer for many research grants and scientific manuscripts at the federal and international level, and is a regularly invited international speaker and recognized expert in human milk glycobiology and infant development.